What is Staffing All About?

The word staffing comes from the word “staff” which means the employees of any concern. It is related to the process of recruitment. In simple words, it could be said to be the process of searching out for the right candidate and putting him in a job that is perfectly suited to his credentials. It is the technique of matching the job with the most appropriate candidate.

There is the job on the one hand and the talents and skills of the candidates on the other; both are properly analyzed and then fitted with one another. JD Dukes is a great business strategist who speaks of staffing as a very important tool for the successful functioning of any company. He was once associated with a staffing firm the aim of which was to provide technical professionals to clients. These professionals ranged from CAD experts to engineers to IT specialists.

Staffing is the step following the steps of selection and recruitment, on the verge of entering the hiring process. The selection and recruitment are carried out on the basis of performances of the individuals in the conducted tests and interviews. Therefore, staffing could be summarized as the inclusion of strategizing, forecasting of manpower, planning of manpower, etc. Placement of the existing manpower, and defining the job profile of the newly employed ones, could also be counted under the title of staffing. These reallocations and relocations are carried on depending upon the requirement of the company.

Staffing is a process that is processed by specialized companies that first of all take an in-depth account of the kind of employee requirement of their client. Post this the staffing companies short list, invite, interview, run background checks, check all the references that have been given, the aspiring candidates; and then present them to the client looking out for manpower. The final decision and selection, however, lies with the client, because they are their own best judge.

One very good thing that is done by the staffing company is the development of a co-employment relationship. This is more of a taking responsibility for any problem that might be created by the recruited employee. This is usually done by the temporary staffing committee. The other type of staffing committee is the permanent one, that signs a contract with particular clients for whom they work permanently, i.e. to say that they recruit people permanently for a company whenever, any of the posts are empty.

Every business owner sets up a business with a lot of care and love and would not want anything to be the cause of its fall. It is therefore that JD Dukes lays so much emphasis on the process of staffing. According to him, a business owner should take time to carefully sort out employees for his company, so that there is no regret left in the future.

Since the manpower plays such a key role in the prosperity of any business, no hurry should be made in the selection and recruitment of the same. It is hence that the interviews and methods of testing the knowledge and talents of the aspirants should be kept under great vigilance before finalizing on any candidate.


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