Fitness is not just about how one feels on the inside. In terms of popular perception, it is largely about the vanity of what one sees in the mirror. Not surprisingly therefore, that many feel the overwhelming need to turn to steroids for quick fix solutions to gain a strength and the lean ripped look. The exciting prospect of quickly gaining a dramatically enhanced body is fueled by the online availability of body building supplements and steroids, which promise strength gain and also assure that they are legal and safe to use.

Dianabol, a prescription to quick Body building:

Oral anabolic steroids tablets were first introduced by the USAto improve and strengthenits Olympic athletes and to counter the unmatchable competition of the Soviets. Dianabol is the brand name, the chemical ‘Methandrostenolone’ was developed to tone and maximize strength and endurance in the athletes. While it is presently a prescription drug in some countries, it is also available online without prescription as a legal steroid in others, with free worldwide delivery facilities. Fit Stretching Kettlebell Crossfit Fitness

Positive results have been reported from its use under proper supervision, as in the case of similar other steroids. They include increased metabolism and greater calorie loss, improved strength, lean muscle preservation, faster muscle recovery and repair as well as lesser fatigue.

Counter indications are unavoidable:

Much like all other steroids or supplements used for body building, the potential negative effects and adverse reactions due to the use of Dianabol cannot be wished away. Significant among these are high blood pressure, a negative impact on cholesterol levels, serious liver toxicity leading to damage if taken indiscriminately, water retention, bloating and testosterone suppression. Most of these negative effects are linked to the steroid’s aromatizing effect of increasing estrogen production in the body.   To inhibit these avoidable health complications, it is strongly recommended that the intake of the steroid be limited periods of a moderate timespan of two to three months only and not over longer periods. Maintenance of a very healthy lifestyle, diet and adequate exercise is also mandated, alongwith.To counter its side effects of reduced testosterone levels, Dianabol is advised for use in conjunction with exogenous testosterone supplements and reduced or total abstinence from alcohol.

In spite of all the above negative side effects that may result from its continued use, this synthetic steroid still continues to be rated as one of the most appropriate solutions with the least negative side effects for fat burning among body-building circuits and is therefore highly popular in cutting cycles. It can be used either as a standalone drugin hourly intervals of 5 to 6 hours, or combined with specific goal oriented supplements in a stack, if the goal is to build bulk and strong muscle. Yet another reason for its popularity among professional athletes, especially those into bodybuilding and other strength-based pursuits is fast acting results that it delivers and the reasonable pricing. Detractors of thesteroid are however many, especially among the medical profession, who instead recommend healthy lifestyle, adequate exercise and appropriate dietary changes as a continuum.

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