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A slim, well balanced, ripped and stunning physique is all that individuals crave for. Obesity not only hampers the attractiveness that a body possess, it has severe effects on the health too. Combating this peril is a necessity, a strict diet and exercise regime is the best way available to shed off some extra pounds with an ease. Diet pills can be effective too, if complemented with a medical prescription. Duromine is an epitome of such diet pill that regulates appetite present in the body. It comprises of the drug phentermine that is renowned for its impeccability in weight loss since 1959. Obtaining this drug in not legal in some countries although it can be purchased through online market or doctor’s prescription. Who does not want to enhance their appeal by heart throbbing looks? Everyone wants to. For securing quick and reliable results one may need to opt for weight loss medication as per the personal body requirements.

Points to be considered

For making Duromine a part of your weight loss journey, seeking consultation from a doctor is crucial. Although, many doctors won’t prescribe it in great site initial stages, one needs to disclose its entire weight loss history to a doctor so that he or she can draw conclusions and aid you in getting the desired body. BMI (body mass index) is the foremost factor that demands due care and attention before facilitating a prescription, Duromine is generally recommend for those having a BMI of 30 or more than that. In some cases where excessive weight can become the cause behind the existence of destructive diseases, individuals with even 27-30 BMI are prescribed Duromine. However, if the BMI falls short from these figures, a reduced calorie diet and rigorous workout regime is recommended at the initial stage. If one suffers from or is prone to high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure, a doctor is more likely to prescribe this weight loss medication.

Avoid Duromine in such cases

There exists certain diseases and medication that can lead to deadly outcomes if complemented with Duromine. Individuals suffering from diseases such as

  • Severe Liver or kidney disease
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Mental disorders or depression
  • Cardiovascular diseases etc., are not recommended to opt for Duromine as even a minute inhalation can lead to destructive results. 


If one wishes to opt for Duromine, obtaining a doctors’ prescription is vital, but the question arises how to seek prescription from a doctor? The inevitability that weight loss possess for you must be conveyed to the doctor, moreover if one has due interest in weight loss medication, same must be told to him, being honest with your doctor is the best way to seek effective advice and medication. Many doctors won’t prescribe it too early, as they believe in playing on the safe side by recommending strict diet and workout regimes first, if these efforts do not work much they prescribe a weight loss drug too on the basis of your Body mass index.



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