Things To Remember While Applying For The FBI Agent Position

Becoming an FBI agent is one of the best dream positions for the people of US. FBI is known as one of the top investigation agencies of the world. If you are one of them who think to become an FBI agent then here you will come to know the important steps to becoming FBI agent.

Requirements for the application

Candidate applying for the position of FBI agent must have age between 23 to 37 years. He should also have driving license of the US state. When it comes to the academic requirements for FBI agent, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university. An FBI agent is required to be physically fit to get trained and execute the duties with full dedication. FBI agents are also trained to their firearms so you have to be perfectly fit physically and mentally.

The candidate must have expertise in at least one area of law, Language and accounting. If the person has 3 years of work experience then it will be great to go for FBI. At the time of applying, a person needs to commit for three years of minimum employment.

Disqualifying factors

Candidate applying for the position of FBI agent must not be the default for the student loan. Another important disqualification factor is a drug test. You have to pass the drug test for the successful application of the FBI agent. Agents like Adam Quirk FBI recommend new applicants to live their life drug-free in order to work in the academy and gain importance. You must not have any history of criminal record in the US state.

Application checklist

While you go for filling the applicant form of the FBI agent, you would require to fill your address details of your residence including birth dates and place. If you have any work experience in any field, do mention in the application form. Those who have achieved awards in their academic duration should mention that as it will assist you in getting the job easily.

Go for first qualification test

This is not a test for which you need to do serious preparation instead, it is a simple personalized quiz test. This will allow the academy to judge you in a better way. Try to write the real answers as it will help you get the right position for you. Once they find you good, they will ask you to fill out the real application form.

Personal interview

After getting the result for the real application academy would like to have a personal interview of the applicant. Adam Quirk FBI says that candidates should be competitive as they should know that academy don’t really want you but you should have something good for which they choose you. Many people apply for the position of FBI every year but few are selected for their exceptional qualifications.

FBI is a reputed academy in the US state, so you should be confident enough to get selected. Above mentioned information will surely make you perfect for the application.


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