How Technology Helps The Police Control Crime?

Criminals are active everywhere. They have become smart and can deceive the public and police with new found tactics and skills. It is here that the police force needs to be one step ahead of them. Gone are the days when training was enough for them to face criminals. Now, they need the help of technology to help them combat crime. Thanks to the advent of digital and technological companies, they are stepping forward to help the police combat crime and maintain law and order in the nation.

How crime can be stopped with the intervention of technology?

Bradley Sterling is a retired detective and ex- police officer  who has been with the police force for over 2 decades. He says that when it comes to crime, you will find a host of companies manufacturing technological devices to help law enforcers combat crime. They are small and user-friendly. The most common device you find in the hands of police officers are walkie talkies. They have been around for ages. The good news is now these devices have become more sophisticated and compact. They can be held easily and when you are near policemen you might not be able to notice them so easily in their hands, he says.

How video cameras help in making police forces alert

Another popular device for maintaining law and order are video cameras he says. If you look at them, you will get a clear understanding about what is taking place on the crime scene. In addition to this you can easily rush to the spot and alert other police stations as well. These systems have been so effective that police men have been able to catch and arrest criminals faster.

Where are these devices placed?

He says these devices are mostly placed on bikes and squad cars used by the police. The system is so accurate and sophisticated that it records the crime’s audio and visual scenes. These scenes are relayed to the police stations in the vicinity. This helps in alerting other police forces and getting the much needed back up for the crime. Moreover, since these video devices are mostly set up at transport points, they help the police know when the criminal is getting away.

Devices that help in traffic control

One of the most difficult challenges the police force faces today is the control of traffic at strategic places. Camera video devices help them control traffic snarls and book speeding offenders. Traffic violations have reduced after the installation of these devices. Most criminals become aware of their violations when they are shown their acts on camera. In this way, they become careful and the police prevents further damages as awareness is spread among the masses.

Bradley Sterling also says that courts of law now take the recordings of these video cameras as evidence. In this way, crime can be reduced if not prevented completely. He says that technology and the police are like friends hand in hand protecting the society and bringing notorious criminals to book!

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