Scarring (Cicatricial) Alopecia Hair Loss and their Diagnosis

What is scarring Alopecia

Scarring alopecia is a type of hair loss that affects both male and female also known as the Cicatricial alopecia. It is a diverse group of uncommon disorder that severely destroys the hair follicles and appears as a scarring. It causes the permanent hair loss and it has been seen that women are affected more in comparison to male, but both the sexes are affected by this particular kind of hair loss. It also affects the associated sebaceous (oil) glands resulting in permanent hair loss. The scarring alopecia symptoms are sometimes notifying at earliest, but in some cases, their symptoms are not clearly visible and the hair loss can go unnoticed for long periods. The symptoms that appeared in the case of scarring alopecia includes, rapid hair loss associated with the itching, burning sensation, inflammation, redness, scaling, pustules and increased and decreased pigmentation in the affected areas. The hair loss due to the scarring alopecia leads to the baldness and the only permanent option is hair transplants. The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur is counted as an affordable option and that is why a number of foreign patients use to come to this city to get the procedure.

Symptoms of Scarring (Cicatricial) Alopecia

There are certain types of symptoms that appeared in the scarring alopecia are as follows:

Rapid Hair Loss

The symptoms of rapid hair loss occur as an effect of the scarring alopecia that affects both males and females. Since the destroyed hair follicles inhibit the further growth and appear as a scarring in the affected portion of the scalp. The sebaceous glands also got inactive due to the disease that prevents the production of oils that are needed for the hair follicle growth. The severe hair loss causes the baldness and the only permanent option to cure the problem baldness/hair loss is the hair transplant.

Smooth & Shiny appearance on the affected areas

This is also a common symptom in the scarring alopecia in which affected areas are transformed into the smooth and shiny areas devoid of hair follicles on the affected portion of the scalp as well as some inflammation also that usually perceives by the patient.

Burning & Pain with Rapid Hair Loss

The symptoms of burning sensation and pain are also perceived by the patient in the case of scarring (Cicatricial) alopecia. The patient complained of the pain and discomfort in the affected areas with the itching and burning sensation causes the severe hair loss.

Causes of the Scarring Alopecia

The causes of scarring (Cicatricial) alopecia are little understood and the main symptoms appear in the form of inflammation in the affected areas. Both the male and females are affected and it is not a contagious, generally it is not associated with other illness, and usually occur in otherwise healthy men and women. This is not related to the family history as the genetic role is negligible in the case of Cicatricial alopecia of hair loss.

Diagnosis for Cicatricial Alopecia

A scalp biopsy is recommended by the Doctors if the appeared symptoms matched with the disease of scarring alopecia. The biopsy of scalp’s skin is the first step in diagnosing the disease as it is difficult to know about the disease without having the biopsy test. To know about the scarring alopecia it is necessary to define the degree and state of the inflammation on affected area of the scalp along with the redness, itching and burning sensation. The other changes are also necessary to diagnose, including the type of scarring alopecia, the degree of their activity and to select an appropriate therapy to control over it. The diagnosis and treatment for cicatricial alopecia are challenging and it is better to consult a good dermatologist to know more about it. So clinical evaluation of the scalp is very important.


In the nutshell, we can say that it is better to consult with a good dermatologist if you are facing the symptoms related the scarring alopecia as it leads to the problem of permanent hair loss and then the remedy is only available with the hair transplant.






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