Qualities to look for in Wooden Watches

It is possible for you to check what time it is from anywhere, on your mobile phone. But, a watch is not just an instrument for measuring. It presents a companion and makes a fashion statement.

When you acquire a handcrafted watch, you set up an investment of a present or a souvenir, which becomes a nice memory. Going to buy a wooden wristwatch presents a profitable experience and you have numerous choices.

You shall notice a superior quality wood watch by keeping in mind your personal choices and checking the quality of the wood, the kind of wood and therefore, the interior functioning of the watch.

Superior Quality Wood


The very first element that is noticeable on a watch is the wood and you need it to be superior quality. Your watch should be formed using superior quality as well as hypoallergenic.

Touch the watch to ensure it is long lasting. If you are looking for a unique watch, it needs to be handcrafted, indicating the skill and care that went into it.

Select a watch that matches your character and at the same time, check the grain and end to be sure that they emphasize the natural beauty of the wood.

Appropriate Type of Glass


A superior quality watch has a tough glass covering on the face. The glass should be resistant to scratch, as it will encounter the weather as well as your bracelets and sleeves.

If you want to retain the watch for a long time, it is possible that you might want to choose a watch with a regular structure in order for you to substitute the glass if need be.

Watch Durability


An original wood grain watch is stunning; but it is practical also. You need a watch that shall tell time for many years. Therefore, ensure it has a guarantee and you make sure that it keeps ticking. If you plan to wear the watch every day, check whether it is splash proof or not.

A superior quality wood watch needs to last for numerous years and there is no cause for it not to function for a lengthy period. This normally applies to handmade watches as well as factory-created, milled watches.

Check inner workings that require wound up in order for the wooden watch to keep time. Majority of the cool watches, however, operate on a tiny battery.

If you wish to make your new wooden watch function for many years, you should remember that effective maintenance is necessary. Will you manage to have the watch repaired in case the inner workings no longer function?

Are you in a position to visit an everyday jeweler to have your handcrafted watch repaired? After you know the factors to look for when buying a wooden watch, you will definitely get an attractive and handy piece of art.

Use it to make your wardrobe elegant and show everyone how updated you are. Alternatively, you can purchase one as an aesthetic present that any person will be thankful for and use.

Select the appropriate wood and fashion, check the kind of glass used and ask about the inner functioning to ensure that you selected a winner!

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