Before calling a plumber or emergency plumber try the following…

Hopefully you will know where your stopcock is situated, it is usually fitted under your kitchen sink and will probably be made of brass. Turn the stopcock as many times clockwise as you can until it will turn no more. The water supply to your house should now be turned off.

If the water is still leaking, it could be your central heating that is at fault or it could be coming from your hot water cylinder.

If you suspect that the water is coming from one of your central heating pipes, try to find a drain off valve on one of your downstairs radiators. This can usually be found next to the radiator valve, turning this anti-clockwise with release the water from the system and stop the leak. It is a good idea to attach a hose or use plastic containers to remove the water, make sure to wear protective gloves to protect you from the heat of the water if the central heating system was switched on before the leak.

It the hot water tank system is at fault, be sure to turn the gate valves off in the airing cupboard where the hot water tank is situated. The gate valves will need to be turned clockwise in order to turn them off.

There may be quite a few gate valves in the cupboard, the one to look for is the one high up above the hot water tank. The water supply to this tank is yogapantsmagazine usually supplied from a large water tank in your loft and feeds the hot water cylinder at the base. Turning the supply off to the hot water cylinder will stop the pressure of the water pushing the hot water out of the tank into the hot water feed pipes, thus stopping the leak.

If you have an unvented system, such as a megaflow, cutting off the mains water will usually stop the escape of water instantly.

Now you have turned the water off – how do you fix the leak?

There are many ways to fix a leak on a pipe, there are plastic push-fits that can be used, copper push-fits, compression joints, end feeds and Yorkshire fittings. Wherever there is a problem with any pipe there is a solution to fix it.

There are many articles on Youtube and google to show you how to fix a leaking pipe, but if you are in doubt then you can always call on a specialist emergency plumber or seek help from a knowledgeable friend in the area of plumbing.


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