Keeping Addiction Facts from Fiction – An Expert Guide

Addiction is one of those beasts that need immediate slaying. Yet, it is the hardest one to slay. You need many knights in shining armors to beat the beast. However, when you try beating the beast, you will come across ample of information. Some of these information can be useful. Some of the information will surely mislead you. It is important that you keep the facts from fiction says the therapists of Morningside Recovery, a famous addiction rehab. Paying attention to the myths can be a big mistake which can hinder your recovery process.

The therapists want people to be aware of the common misconceptions that are surrounding addiction and recovery. There is a common misconception which says that people don’t get attracted to prescribed medicines. They think just because it is doctor’s prescribed or approved by authority, people don’t get addicted by it. However, this is not true. People do get addicted to prescribed drugs. There are lot of people who are addicted to cough syrup.

Experts say that just because it is natural drug, does not mean it is harmless. Drugs like grass, hash despite being natural, still have the power to alter brain chemical. They grow in the ground. But, that does not mean they don’t have harmless qualities.

One of the biggest addiction is tolerance level. People think that those who have high tolerance level don’t have problem with drinking. This is one of the most misleading concept. People who don’t have the habit of drinking will not be able tolerate six packs. However, if you feel nothing even after six packs, it is time you talk to someone who has experience in treating addiction. Only an addict will not feel anything after so much alcohol.

Addiction has many faces. People treat it differently. Some think that addicts have a choice. This is not true. Addiction is a psychological problem. Those who are suffering from it need psychological help. It is psychological assessment which can help you get right treatment. When you use drug for the first time, it is a choice for you. However, when you keep consuming drugs, your brain chemical changes with the use. Finally, you become addicted to it in a way that it begins to control you. For this reason, addiction is a state of mind. Addicts usually don’t have any choice.

Treating addiction is a complicated process says the experts at Morningside Recovery. It is sensitive too. People who are suffering addiction are mentally ill. Therefore, those who will treat the person need expertise and experience. What is important is the fact that you find the right person to treat your ailment. Someone who will assess your situation before making any decision is the right person to treat you.

Addiction affects different people differently. This is one of the biggest issue of the problem. Based on the type of addiction the treatment gets decided. The usual 28 days addiction treatment does not work for everyone. The treatment must be customized. When you search for a rehab center, inquire whether your treatment will get customized based on your requirement or not.

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