Hormone Imbalance Tests: Should You Have Your Hormone Levels Checked?

Hormone level issues might be the cause of health problems you are dealing with now. This for itself explains the true value of hormone imbalance tests.
Understanding how your hormones affect how your body functions is a big step on resolving health issues. When you know what hormones are abnormally high or low, you will have a good basis of how you can correct these issues through lifestyle changes, proper diet changes, exercising, or by taking certain supplements.

Who Should Get Tested

Even before making the cost of hormone imbalance testing, value of hormone imbalance tests, or where you should get the hormone balance tests done, you should determine if you really need to be tested. Generally, there are certain groups that benefit from hormone testing:

Women Experiencing Fertility Issues. Those who will list themselves under this category, hormone imbalance tests are necessary as a tool to properly diagnose fertility issues and as an aid to get proper treatment. There’s a ton of fertility issues attributed to menstrual cycle irregularities and your doctor needs to understand what is going on in your body in order to help you and provide proper support.

Women Experiencing Ordinary Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance. If you are worried that you might be menopausal, your doctor will most likely not ask you to get hormone imbalance tests. Remember you are considered menopause when you do not have a period for a year. The symptoms while going through this may vary but if you have good nutritional foundation, emotional support, and an active lifestyle, you will breeze through it.

Women Showing Signs Of Severe Hormone Imbalance. Hormonal imbalances can be debilitating and if you are in that kind of situation, your doctor will do his or her best to show you the true value of hormone imbalance tests. When dealing with hair loss, PCOS, fibroids, and other symptoms of severe hormone problems, your doctor needs to know the levels of certain hormones in your body to treat you properly.

What Are The Key Tests Needed

Your doctor may require you to go through certain hormone imbalance tests and discuss with you the results and course of action needed. Here’s an overview of what hormone tests you might need to go through:

Estrogen. You will hear things such as estrone, estradiol or estriol but one the more important thing to understand is that high estrogen level is associated with weight gain, hypertension, fibroid, and diabetes.

Testosterone. Women with high testosterone levels may be experiencing fertility issues or PCOS. This hormone gradually declines following menopause but a certain drop may be due to high levels of stress or high levels of cortisol.

Progesterone. This hormone is needed to prepare the woman’s uterus for possible pregnancy. A low level of progesterone may indicate infertility while high levels of the hormone may be due to adrenal imbalance or a more serious illness.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone. When your FSH is high, it can be due to problems with your ovaries. When it is low, your doctor might have to rule out issues with your pituitary gland or your hypothalamus.

Luteinizing Hormone. Just like FSH, high levels warn of issues with the ovaries. A decline in the levels of LH may mean issues with your pituitary or hypothalamus, too.


Is your doctor asking you to have the levels of your hormones checked? If yes, let our team at Hormoneimbalancetest.co tell you about the true value of hormone imbalance tests.

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