Winstrol is the brand name of Stanozolol, a DHT anabolic drug. This is a popular AAS among the bodybuilders and performance enhancing athletes. Women, with no doubt, can use Winstrol safely. Compared to other anabolic drugs, Winstrol is mild in nature. Winstrol results are quite promising when the dosages are administered correctly. Winstrol either acts as a standalone or a part of cutting phase. This anabolic drug has DRY gains. This is because Winstrol is not being converted to estrogen, so it does not cause water retention. Winny provides lean muscle mass and strength gains gradually. Winstrol results depend on the diet, routine workouts and genetics.

Winstrol for women and men

Women prefer Winstrol in cutting cycles. 5-10 mg of Winstrol is advised for women. However, doing proper exercise, having planned diet strengthens the Winstrol cycle. But, one should be careful about the dosing. If a woman wants to use Winstrol for bulking cycle, then 10 mg is the apt dose. Whether it is cutting or bulking cycle, it would go for 6 weeks. apres 4 semaine, the results start to appear in the body. Women need not attempt any stacks as men. Men usually take the Winstrol at a range of 25-100 mg per day to see the best results. Winstrol cycle for men is 6-8 weeks.

Results of Winstrol in Athletes

Athletes have been using Winstrol for many years, especially sprinters. Winstrol provides extra speed and allows the athletes to do harder training without fatigue. Football and basketball players have been using Winstrol during their workouts. The AAS has a low risk of positivity in the blood test; weight gains are limited to Winstrol. Sprinters always want to be more muscular and lean for achieving agility.

Winstrol effects

Most of the track and field great site athletes use Winstrol to achieve their goal. In fact, the AAS became familiar by athletes. As it gives an opportunity to take hard training, the athletes get opportunities to achieve at a higher level. Winstrol not only helps athletes but also used by bodybuilders in cutting and dieting cycles. It preserves lean muscle mass and stamina which is necessary on the diet phase. The AAS has better vascular effects and provides better and harder physique. Many bodybuilders use Winstrol at a higher dose during the last 2 weeks of a competition in order to get a sturdy look.

Negative Effects of Winstrol

The negative effects of Winstrol affect both men and women. The commonly reported side effects are acne vulgaris, bad breath, and baldness. Continuous use of AAS enhances the risk of cancer, renal and liver failure, psychosis and heart problems. On the other side, Winstrol causes breast growth in men (Man boobs) and decreased testicular size. Women experience excessive hair growth on their body and face, virilization effects such as clitoral enlargement, enlargement of sex organs, hair fall, hoarse voice and irregular menstrual cycles.

Before starting the Winstrol cycle one should be careful about the dosage, effects and, cycle. Though the drug gives reasonable results apres 4 semaine, it is quite important to stick on to the recommended dose.


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