Genotropin and Its Function

Human Growth Hormone often called as HGH is a growth hormone that is used to induce growth in few people who have growth deficiency. Growth hormone is secreted by pituitary glands. For few children and adult this hormone secretion does not happen in normal levels. For some it may be very low, such people may face severe growth related issues. For these people, doctors prescribed HGH dosages can be subscribed. Apart from treating deficiency, this is also now taken by body builders and athletes to bulk up their toned body. All these dosages must be supervised and prescribed by doctors. One such popular HGH is Genotropin that is used by many and have proved to see positive effects.

How is this different from other HGH?

Genotropin is one of the drug popular that is manufactured by Pfizer that is similar to Somatropin but just manufactured by another manufacturer. This product is created using DNA recombinant technology and produced in the lab to get the hormone similar to the one produced by pituitary glands. DNA recombination technology is advanced technology where different bits of DNA of different combinations are combined to get desired results. This product is capable of normalizing IGF-1 or insulin like hormone in pituitary glands. This product also helps in boosting metabolism of individuals where in energy is produced more and then helps in increase of protein synthesis. This increase leads to additional burning of fats or lipid cells thus aiding in weight loss. Though primarily used for children who had growth related deficiencies like short stature, short for gestational age etc. later this product has been extensively used for other purposes too. For any purpose, it is advised that users limit the use of Genotropin by Pfizer to limited dosages or what has been prescribed.

Availability and prices

Though this HGH is available in many parts of the world, manufacturing is limited to very few countries. This is a steroid product and usage of this drug without a prescription is considered illegal in many countries. Most of the HGH are manufactured in New Zealand and many parts of Mexico. Since the manufacturing is limited to few countries, availability of this product in retail and medical stores is still a demand. When you tend to purchase Somatropin, an equivalent drug to Genotropin from a retail pharmacy like CVS and Target, a bit less whereas in Walgreens and Walmart the pricing will be nominal. In other store the prices might be shooting high. Many retailers and druggists help people to see if they get a valid prescription that can help them to cover up the high charges using as Insurance.

Is this safe to use?

Finally, the actual Genotropin page starts with the warning regarding the usage of this product. Any over dose or prolonged usage of this product might lead to many side effects. Also people who use this product for lean mass gain and fat mass loss have seen tremendous changes when taken constantly. They are reported to have been addicted to this product due to the positive results it has shown. But this has said to lead in drug addiction and causes slippage in doses. Hence use of Genotropin by Pfizer should be limited as per doctor’s advice and prescription.



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