FBI’s role in corporate fraud investigation

The highest criminal priority of FBI is the investigation of corporate frauds. The corporate frauds not only cause significant financial losses to the investors but also cause a lot of damage to the U.S. economy and the investor confidence. FBI is the most important agency that deals with corporate fraud and this agency chiefly focuses on the self-dealings by the different corporate executives, the obstruction of justice and the accounting schemes.

Most of the cases that are dealt with, by the FBI mainly involve those accounting schemes which are designed to deceive the analysts, auditors and the investors and prevent them from getting the actual information relating to the actual financial condition of a corporation, or a business entity. The manipulation of the financial data, the valuation measurements of a particular corporation artificially inflates the performance of a particular organization and if a company is accused of such fictitious performance then the FBI investigates the matter in the most professional ways possible.

The corporate fraud investigations of the FBI deals with the below mentioned activities:

  • Self-dealing by the corporate insiders: This includes the individual tax violations that are related to self-dealing, misusing the corporate property for personal gains and the insider trading which is the trading based on material and the nonpublic information
  • Falsification of the financial information: The falsification of financial information include the illicit transactions that are designed so as to evade the regulatory oversight, the fraudulent trades that are designed to hide the losses or inflate the profit of an organization and the false account entries or the misrepresentation of the financial condition of a particular company.
  • Fraud related to the legitimately operated mutual hedge fund: This type of fraud includes the market timing schemes, falsification of net asset values and the late trading.

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