Now is not the time for complacency. To be sure, every non-hetero person knows that the world is unsafe for them. They understand that the efforts to deny them the basic dignity and rights of being human continue. They are well aware that the forces of bigotry and reaction search constantly for ways to humiliate and degrade them because of who they are. There is, however, a more dangerous kind of complacency. The uncritical acceptance of progress, the belief that as time goes on people will become more tolerant and accepting of those who are not like them, is perhaps the most insidious idea that anyone in the LGBT community can hold.

The proof that we must fight not for a belief but for our very existence is all around us. As a large part of America and the world celebrates the recent victory of Dough Jones against the homophobic, hate-mongering charlatan known as Roy Moore, it seems to have gone unnoticed that over half a million people in the great state of Alabama voted for the latter. The fact that over half a million people, in a state of little less than 5 million, could cast a ballot for someone who refused to debate his opponent because his opponent supports same-sex marriage and once said that gay relationships and gay people should be outlawed is frightening and disturbing.

If that is not enough, then you fastfoodjuiceplusmagazine should turn your attention to the ongoing efforts to block or overturn the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on same-sex marriage. Various so-called “gay cake” rulings have been issued by different courts because of the refusal of many shop owners to treat people with dignity and respect. We are only one Supreme Court justice away from being treated like second and third class citizens in our country; and the forces that have gathered to make this happen have more support than is commonly acknowledged and continue to be very well funded.

LGBTQ News is necessarily political and social. It is so because the people whose lives it chronicles are politicized. Millions of their fellow citizens still refuse to see them as fully human and worthy of being treated as such. When the President of the United States, the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces expresses his contempt for his own soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen because they happen to be transgender, a LGBT newspaper has no choice but to be political. When a county clerk refuses a marriage licensed to 2 individuals who want to formalize their bond of love because she believes that her own narrow and fundamentally anti-Christian Christianity entitles her to, such a paper must be politically and socially conscientious in its coverage of LGBT issues.

The great thing is that the news that is covered need not be narrow, dull, and repetitive. Different people have different perspectives, which lead to a range of views and insights being presented. This is what makes the LGBT news sites of the present so exciting. Diversity, richness, and depth—you should expect nothing less from a news source.
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