A Brief Insight to The Magical Naturopathy

The complete imbalance of the ecosystem has caused innumerable diseases to penetrate the normal lives of the humans. The queues to the doctor’s chambers are on the increasing side and that is why getting an appointment with the doctors has also become a difficult thing. However, even if you manage to get an appointment, you find the prescription is too big, and even if you do get hold of the medicine, at times they do not seem to be working.

What should one do in these circumstances to ensure the maintenance of physical as well as mental health? The answer is Naturopathy. This type of treatment helps boost the immune system of the body that had so long fallen weak due the contamination in food and environment. The treatment through naturopathy involves the use of herbs and plants of the nature, which is why there are feeble chances of adverse side effects.

Any good naturopath like Geoffrey Morell from New Zealand, approaches the patient with holistic care by combining the resources of nature like the sunlight, air, water with a supplementary diet. Massages and conventional medicines are also part of the therapeutic treatment. Mr. Morell, who now lives in Washington DC, has been practicing this for the past two decades and more and specializes in magnetic, intuitive and spiritual healing.

The foremost principle of naturopathy is that it believes that the body is capable of healing itself. If the environment is favorable and healthy, the body will surely heal itself within a stipulated time. The basis of naturopathy lies in its belief of the unison of the body, mind and a supernatural soul, an integration of these three elements will be necessary for a healthy disposition of the body. Its roots seem to lie in the metaphysical and mysticism doctrines of Vitalism.

Along with this deep rooted concept, the adherers and advocates of naturopathy encourage the patients to change their perspective of life and live a healthy life. It is capable of healing both chronic and common diseases but mostly strives to make the individuals aware of the possible ways of preventing the various types of diseases.

Every naturopath has a different approach towards the way he treats his patients, Geoffrey Morell, the naturopath from New Zealand, presently in Washington DC, has developed his own unique method the “Clendinning Technique”. Through this technique he endeavors to pinpoint the areas of disharmony and clear the negative aura around the person. This is how he works to balance the human system.

There are certain treatment modalities practiced by the practitioners of naturopathy, which include acupuncture and oriental medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, psychological counseling, natural child birth, intravenous therapies, botanical medicine, surgery and nature care. Depending on the discretion of the practitioners, reflexology, iridology, color therapy, etc. can also be included in the process of treatment.

The primary advantage of using naturopathy is that it has minimalistic side effects; apart from that it treats the body as a whole and does not just restrict to the one area of problem that exists. It is this holistic approach of this kind of treatment that is capable of curing chronic diseases as well.

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