Anavar Stacks are the best and most popular anabolic steroids which are available. One can get results with anavar cycle, but few stack this with few other supplements as well as steroids.

Anavar for male and females – SAFE FOR WOMEN TO USE

When a male athlete is using Anavar, it is the best way to stack it with testosterone and this is highly recommended. Though anavar does not supress the production of testosterone, like other steroids, but there will be suppression to some extent. So, stacking anavar with testosterone will help in achieving intense results. As known, testosterone is the steroid which has potential. One can stack Anavar with many other steroids. Many bulk up, many male athletes use it. This also helps in preserving lean muscles and also promotes fat burning. In cycling phase many people add steroids which help in enhancing their performance. Anavar can be stacked with any testosterone, trenbolone, Primoboln Depot which can be injected, masteron, Clen, HGH, wintrol and equipoise. Female athletes can stack this steroid Anavar with any other drugs so that they enhance their performance. Anavar is the safest drug for female athletes, specially who are new to use steroids. This sterois Anavar is suitable in off-season cycling also. Females who are sensitive can use this in low doses and achieve results, in cutting phase. Though it is safe, one need to be cautious while using it. At times few side effects are seen in women like deep voice, growth in facial hair, and body hair. If one notice such side effects, they need to stop using this steroid immediately. Read the full description here.african-1663250_960_720

Anavar and Testosterone

The best stacking option available is stacking Anavar with Testosterone specially for men.  This stacking will help in fighting with suppression of testosterone and helps in enhancing the cycle. For balancing the testosterone levels one can stack Anavar with Test Cyp, Test Sus or even Test E. The hypothalamic pituitary will be supressed while using anavar which supresses the production of testosterone. So, adding testosterone will help in fighting with the suppressant.

Anavar stacking with Dianabol and Proviron

Anavar can be stacked with Dianabol, it helps in bulking and has a perfect cycle when combined with Anavar. The users who are new to steroids start using Anavar with Dianabol for 12 weeks cycle. In this for the first four weeks, Dianabol is used and then in next 6 weeks Anavar will be added so that lean mass can be achieved. The use need to break in between the cycle so that his liver is not affected. Other steroid with which Anavar can be combined is Proviron and this helps in maintaining the drive of sex in a person. The sex drive is generally reduced due to the testosterone levels suppression. Proviron helps in providing energy and helps in regular workouts. This is stacked at the end of the cycle as it does not help in building body but is of supplying energy and boost sex drive.


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