Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Exposed Aggregate Concrete

You would have surely noticed decorative driveways, sidewalks and patios and possibly wondered how they can be reached. Those are achieved through the use of exposed aggregate concrete. Those flooring are completed by taking away the top layer on concrete from a surface to show the color and feel of aggregate beneath it.


There are both pros and cons of using exposed aggregate concrete. The advantages include:

Get gorgeous decorative results with an affordable cost as very few additional materials are desired. You could will merely need some decorative aggregates, area retardant, sprayer and a garden hose. So, exposed aggregate concrete isn’t pricey.

  • The building process is rather simple and anyone experienced in handling concrete can do it.
  • The area is weather resistant, lasts long and in addition skid-resistant.
  • You can find assortment of decorative aggregates like small or big size, circular, coloured and so forth accessible.
  • No added care except occasional cleansing with water and resealing every several years.


Listed here are the three ways of having aggregate open concrete:

Monolithic That Is the simplest and therefore the most used way of producing such floorings. The aggregate is batched into concrete during making concrete. Smaller combination referred to as pea rock is typically utilized.

Seeded Shortly after concrete is set, the decorative aggregate is mechanically or manually set over the face of concrete and floated by-hand.

Overlay, this procedure works for already existing concrete in health. Aggregate is blended in the overlay stuff and used over the outdated concrete to offer it a new look.

Regardless, the leading tier of the cement paste is stored delicate while the concrete under it hardens. This can be completed by spraying a resistant on top immediately after concrete and combination have now been installed. Subsequently, the concrete paste is cleaned clear employing a garden hose or pressurewasher to exhibit aggregate at first glance.


While an exposed aggregate concrete adds color to front yard or drive and seems distinctive and decorative plant, in comparison to concrete slab, you should consider its limits before installing one. The disadvantages of exposed aggregate concrete is listed below.


Though exposed aggregate can be rough and enduring provided that the concrete retains together the aggregate, the decorative stones on best tend toward harm. Motion of heavy objects and water problems may dislodge or release the stones near the surface to make small sets therein. And, once the procedure begins, the damage spreads quite quickly as surface water dips the bond between the concrete and aggregate.


Mending a part of such flooring is more challenging, in comparison with repairing splits in concrete floors. The most demanding part is blending of the fixed surface together with the remainder of the flooring. You might tint the spot of concrete to go with the older concrete and then fill that pit as in the event of concrete area. Avoid exorbitant number of compound to meet the pit to generate simple the leveling of the impacted spend the the rest of the flooring. Later, add stones to the fresh concrete. Youll need certainly to find exposed aggregate Melbourne which best suits with your present area.


Cleaning exposed aggregate is certainly harder than cleansing of concrete slab that can be hosed off. Filth and debris gets caught between its surface, necessitating using wire clean or strong jet of water due to their removal. Whether you might have exposed aggregate area about the path, driveway or patio, it needs waterproofing once in a couple of years to improve its lifestyle and strength.

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